Charles address to his Son when he resighned, his kingdom, to HIS Son Philip --- [her own summary] "My son if I had left you by my death this rich inheritance, to which I have made such large additions, some regard would have been justly due to my memory on that account; but now, when I voluntarily resign to you what I might have still retained,  I may well expect the warmest expression of thanks on your part. With these, however, I dispense, and shall consider your concern for the welfare of your subjects, and your love of them, as the best and most acceptable testimony of your gratitude to me.  it is in your power, by a wife and virtuous administration, to justify the extraordinary proof, which I, this day, give of my paternal affection, and to demonstrate, that you are worthy of the confidence which I repose in you. Preserve an involable regard for religion; maintain the Catholic faith in its purity; let the laws of your country be sacred in your eyes; encroach not on the rights and priviledges of your people; and, if the time shall [should] ever come, when you shall wish to enjoy the tranquility of private life, may you--

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