Man is a creature of wants. From them are derived all our exertions. on the necessity of the infant is founded the affection of the mother; and among the poor, (excepted those cases where parental affection may be chilled and enfeebled by extreme depression or circumstances) but generally, among the poor where that— necessity exits in the greatest force, natural affection is the strongest. 

Pratt's Poem of the "Poor" or Cottage-Picture.

And as we take the heaven conferred supplies, 

Let soft Compassion in our bosoms rise;

Since from thy hand unsparing we receive, 

O teach our hearts unsparingly to give!

Briton Abbot aged 70 his wife the same lived 50 years together had 7 children - and owning to the goodness of Mr. Fairfax never needed parochial reliefs

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