[after]wards, were bishops at [in] Congo. extracted from Faria y Sousa. 

Twas now the solemn hour when midnight reigns, 

And dimly twinkling o’er the eternal plains

The starry host, by gloomy silence led, 

O’er earth and sea a glimmering paleness shed; 

When to the feet, which hemm’d with dangers lay, 

The silver-wing’d Cyllenius darts away.

Each care was now in soft oblivion steep’d, 

The watch alone accustom’d virgils kept;

E’en Gama, wearied by the days alarms, 

Forgets his cares, reclined in slumber’s arms. 

Scarce had he closed his careful eyes in rest, 

When Maia’s son in vision stood contest:

And fly, he cried, O Lusitanian, fly;

Here guile and treason every nerve apply:

[An impious king for thee the toil prepares,]

An impious people weave a thousand snares

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