The Portuguese having brought an Ambassador from Congo to Lisbon, sent him back instructed in the faith. By which [his] means the King, Queen, and about 100,000 of the people were baptized; the idols were destroyed, and churches built. Soon after, the Prince, who then was absent at war, was baptized by the name of Alonzo. His younger brother, Aquitimo, however, would not receive the faith, and the father, because allowed only one wife turned apostate, and left the crown to his pagan son, who, with a great army, surrounded his brother, when only attended by some Portuguese and christian blacks, in all only 37. By the bravery of these, however, Aquitimo was defeated, slain and taken [One of Aquitimo’s officers declared, they were not defeated by the thirty-seven christians, but by a glorious army who fought under a shining cross.] The idols were again taken and destroyed, and Alonzo sent his sons, grandsons, and nephews, to Portugal to be educated [to study], two of whom after- [continued]

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