Oh! thou child of the dust, be humble, and grow wise! a few days ago, like thee I flourished in the fair field of the earthly world; a few days ago, I was cut down like a flower, and my body lies withering, decaying, and perishing in this cold, this gloomy, and the comfortless bed! Regardless of God, and inattentive to my duty, & passed thoughtless, giddy, and gaily along, and thought no storm would overcloud my head!— In a moment, the unexpected tempest arose; I sunk, and was lost. Go thy way and forget not thyself: remember to day thou hast life in thy power, tomorrow, perhaps, thou mayst lie a breathless corpse! estimate from thence the value, great [?] [poor] and small, of all things beneath the sun, and forget not that death and eternity are, by an indissoluble band, united.

Of him that hopes to be forgiven it is indispensably required that he forgive. 

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