Beauty will van

It often happens, that those are most desirous of governing others, who are least able to govern themselves.

Seneca sais [says] there is no difference betwixt professing a thing and not deserving [dissevering?] it

Never disclose the secrets of one friend to another they are sacred deposits which do not belong to you nor have you any right to make use of them.

The overflowing of humanity in [of] Pliny's temper breaks out upon all occations [occasions], but he discovers it in nothing more strongly than by the impressions [impression] which this little story appears to have made upon him, true benevolence indeed, extends itslef thro' the whole compass of existence, and sympathizes with the distress of every creature capable of sensation. Little mindss [minds] may be apt to consider a compassion of this inferior kind, as an instance of weakness; but it is undoubtedly the evidence of a noble minde / nature. Homer thought it not unbecoming the character of even [even of] a Hero, to melt into tears at [the-crossed out] a distress like this [of this sort][page break] and has given us a most amiable and affecting picture of Ulysses weeping over his faithful dog Argus, when he expires at his feet

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