Tis gone!” The keeper soon after left him and the next morning he died in the year 1743. He was buried in the churchyard of St. Peter, at the expense of the keeper.

Such were the life and death of Richard Savage, a man equally distinguished by his virtues and vices; and at once remarkable for his weaknesses and abilities.

So peculiar was the misfortune of this man, deprived of an estate and title by a particular law, exposed and abandoned by a mother, defrauded by a mother of a fortune which a [his] father had allotted him, he entered the world without a Friend; and though his abilities forced themselves into esteem and reputation, he was never able to obtain any real advantage, and whatever [prospects] arose, were always intercepted as he began to approach them. The King’s intentions in his favor were frustrated, his dedication to the Prince whose generosity on every other occasion was eminent procured him no reward, [Sir Robert] Walpole who valued himself upon keeping his [promise to others] word when he made a promise broke it to him without regret. [Omits sentence that ends this paragraph in original: “and the bounty of the Queen was after her death withdrawn from him, and from him only.]  

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