take advantage of an act of God. you have leave therefore to unload your Ship, if that be necessary, to stop the leak; you may refit her here and traffic so for as shall be necessary to pay the charges; you may then depart, and I will give you a pass to be in force till you are beyond Bermuda: if after that you are taken, you will then be lawful prize: but now you are only a stranger, and have a strangers, right to safety and protection.” the ship accordingly departed, and arrived safe in London. 

Pity, compassion, and even forgiveness, when not inconsistent with prudence and our own safety, is due to our enemies.

It is just we should have a superior tenderness for a father, a wife, a child, or a friend; but there is a sort of affection which we owe to all mankind, as being members of the same family, of which God is the creator and father. let us

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