In the year 1746, when we were in hot war with Spain, the Elizabeth of London, Captain William Edwards, coming through the gulf from Jamaica, richly laden, met with a most violent storm, in which the ship sprung a leak, that obliged them, for the saving of their lives, to run into the Havana, a Spanish port. the Captain went on shore, and directly waited on the governor, told the occasion of his putting in, and that he surrendered the ship as a prize, and him self and his men [as prisoners of war, only requesting good quarter.] "No, Sir", replied the Spanish governor "if we had taken you in fair war at sea, or approaching our coast with hostile intentions, your ship would then have been a prize, [and your people prisoners] but when distressed by a tempest, you come into our ports for the safety of your lives, we your [the] enemies, being men, are bound as such by the laws of humanity to afford relief to distressed men who ask it of us. we cannot even against our enemies [page break] 

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